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A Commitment to First Nations

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Through local control and accountability to its First Nation communities, the Dakota Ojibway Police Service continues to provide a quality, professional service. The Police Service employs police officers who understand, honor, and respect the cultures, beliefs, traditions, and history of their First Nations people.

- Provide a quality sustainable Policing Program that is responsive to First Nations Communities serviced by the Dakota Ojibway Police Service (D.O.P.S.).

- Position the Dakota Ojibway Police Service to become the "police service of choice" to Manitoba First Nations Communities seeking policing alternatives.

- Actively pursue the expansion of Dakota Ojibway Police Service with the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Communities. (D.O.T.C.)

- Establish best practices in management and accountability processes within the Dakota Ojibway Police Service.

- Provide operational support to improve service to the communities, enforcement capability, and officer safety.

- Ensure that the Dakota Ojibway Police Service employs the best officers and staff available.

- To reduce crime and maintain crime prevention proactive policing, high visibility and community involvement;

-To maintain the community-based structure originally initiated upon the establishment of the service;

- To attract and retain suitable First Nations people as police officers in order to provide policing services to the D.O.T.C. Communities;

- To enhance and improve the quality of life within the community by providing a police service that is  accountable to all community members.

- To ensure the criminal justice system addresses the concerns and needs of the First Nations communities.

1. The Police Service believes in service with pride, honesty, and integrity.

2. The Police Service believes in leadership through the application of the right knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, values, and behaviors.

3. The Police Service believes in accountability and openness to external review and scrutiny.

Goals & Objectives

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Vision Statement

To serve and protect our
Indigenous People.
Uphold the highest
of professionalism, while
honouring our customs
and traditions.

“Safe communities,
protected, served with
honour and respect.