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Pawsitive Communities
Mobile Pet Care Program

A non-profit program provided by Dakota Ojibway Police Service, Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council and the Brandon Humane Society.

Pawsitive Communities is aimed at helping First Nations care for dogs within their communities. We provide comprehensive veterinary ca re along with promoting education and awareness in pet ownership. Our ultimate goal is to support a healthier relationship for dogs and their owners.

Pawsitive Communities can come to you with our mobile pet care clinic. Here's how we can help your community:

 - Control pet populations
 - Reduce the costs for veterinary services
 - Eliminate the need to travel for veterinary services
 - Several animals ca n be treated in a short period of time
 - Pets stay close to their owners during treatment
 - Relieves pressure on surrounding animal rescue shelters and pounds
 - Improves community safety by reducing disease and aggressive dogs.
 - Educate owners on their pets' wellbeing

Pawsitive Communities is available to all Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council communities and other communities served by the Dakota Ojibway Police Services.

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