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All police members of Dakota Ojibway Police Service are sworn peace officers within the Province of Manitoba and have jurisdiction throughout the Province.

The Police Service is authorized by thirty six (36) members employed at one of the six (6) Detachments and two (2) Administrative Officers, one (1) Criminal Investigator and one (1) Crime Prevention School Resource Officer,  presently located at Headquarters in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Each detachment employs a Detachment Clerk/Typist. There are four (4) support staff employed at Portage Headquarters to maintain administrative, investigative, personnel and C.P.I.C. files.

There is presently also a Crime Prevention Coordinator which is presently a civilian position.

The Police Service provides employment for guards, matrons, and maintenance personnel within the respective communities.

Dakota Ojibway Police Service is divided into two Divisions, Eastern and Western Division. Presently a Sergeant and/or Corporal supervise each Detachment. This member has complete control of all operations of the Detachment. He/She is required to meet with the local Chief & Council, Local Police Committee and any other committees on a regular basis to ensure that the services being provided meet the needs of the community.

As a note of interest, the Dakota Ojibway Police Service members below the rank of Inspector belong to the Manitoba First Nations Police Association, an organization they formed in 1993. With the formation of the M.F.N.P.A., which was a historical first for Canada and First Nation Police Services, collective bargaining initiatives are pursued in a cooperative manner between Dakota Ojibway Police Service Management and the Executive of the M.F.N.P.A. with respect to salaries, benefits, and disciplinary procedures.

Furthermore, the former Chief of Police, Frank H. McKay, was a founding member of the First Nations Chiefs of Police Association (F.N.C.P.A.), which was formed in 1992, at which time; he served as the first President.

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Manitoba First Nation
Police Association

The majority of the members and civilian staff are members of the Manitoba First Nations Police Association (M.F.N.P.A.) which serves as their bargaining unit for contract negotiations and other labour related issues.  In March 2012, a new Collective Bargaining Agreement was successfully negotiated and signed covering 2011-2013.